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20 Unique Perks at Japanese Companies


Google is famous for it's 20% time. Their Japan office also has uniquely designed rooms and various in-office facilities. Facebook was recently reported to have vending machines filled with computer hardware. Now take a look at a recent ranking of 20 unique perks some Japanese companies are offering:

  1. Get ¥100,000 when you take consecutive paid vacations -- Recruit Agent

  2. Special paid vacation on your (or family's) birthday -- Spicy Soft

  3. Allowance for quitting smoking -- Sato Group

  4. 1 day of free time per week (20% time) -- Mixi

  5. Half day off on bargain/sale days -- Hime&Company

  6. iPod allowance -- EC Studio

  7. Garden office -- Kokuyo

  8. Allowance for dating -- Control Plus

  9. Company vacations -- Digital Stage

  10. Internal university -- United Arrows

  11. Congratulations and condolences for pets -- Hill's-Colgate

  12. Day off for broken heart -- Hime&Company

  13. Kitchen in office -- Cookpad

  14. Day off to gather ideas -- Novarese

  15. Love endorsements/recommendation -- Nihon Shokken

  16. Taking turns on free cooking -- Next Ninja

  17. Overseas office -- Kayac

  18. Internal office currency -- CYBRiDGE

  19. Punishment for tardiness (full body tights) -- ValuePress

  20. Payment system through tweets -- Spicy Soft

While many traditional companies are notorious for being stingy with even allowing employees take normal paid leave, it is refreshing to see many rising companies are breaking the mold with new and inventive perks. Most particularly focus on their domain area, e.g. pet related companies give pet perks, and cooking/food companies give food perks. This is interesting to keep in mind, when you are job hunting in a particular industry.

Photo credit: kirai