You've taken some Japanese classes.

Maybe you've even passed the JLPT/日本語能力試験, or possibly even got accepted into a school or work in Japan.

But when you talk to many people, have you ever wondered why they talk in a seemingly completely different language?

We're here to help you to get to the next level, with our carefully designed program based on our experience and expertise.

Here you will:

Learn to communicate effectively, in a professional manner in business situations.

Impress potential employers or business partners, and boost your career potential and business network.

Take your Japanese skills to the next level, and gain more understanding to business contexts and nuances.

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Hector Garcia,
Spanish blogger

"You have achieved a basic level of communication in Japanese, but when it comes to more formal business situations you don't feel comfortable? I struggled using many intermediate to advanced Japanese books, but in the end it was Biz Japanese what brought my business language skills to the level of confidence that I needed to succeed in Japan."


Dave Della Costa,
American programmer

"Figuring out how to advance past a certain point with Japanese is a "chicken-and-egg" problem: if you don't have the experience, it's hard to get into a position which will provide you with the experience! This service helps fill that gap and gets you up to the next level."